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Bring back Classic Visual Basic, an improved version of Visual Basic 6.0 (the old idea has been stoped at 7400 votes for no good reason)

The silent majority of VB6 users did not ask for changes that came with .NET

We request Microsoft brings back classic Visual Basic as COM development is back with Windows 8.

Reloaded from: http://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/121579-visual-studio/suggestions/3440221-bring-back-classic-visual-basic-an-improved-versi

389 votes
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    VB6 FireVB6 Fire shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    RR shared a merged idea: Bring back Classic Visual Basic, an improved version of VB6 (reloaded from 7400 votes)  ·   · 


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      • mlml commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This User voice ->"Bring back Classic Visual Basic" has
        300 tweets and more than 1000 facebook likes and more than 1400 comments,
        do yo see any voice has more facebook likes and tweets than this topic?
        do yo see any voice has more comments than this topic?
        Even top 1 voice -> "XNA 5" has 18,108 votes
        But only has 53 tweets and 87 likes and 257 comments, far few

        do you think all the facebook accounts and tweets in this Use voice are fake?

      • verelpodeverelpode commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I can't believe the other VB6 request got so many votes. I think someone must have wasted a lot of time writing a special script to submit fake votes. Otherwise, I just can't believe that so many people would truly want such a ridiculous thing. It's obvious that VB.NET is far, far superior to the old VB. Likewise ASP.NET is obviously far superior to the old original ASP.

        I would steadfastly refuse to enter into the details of a debate regarding VB6 versus VB.NET (or classic ASP versus ASP.NET) because it is just such a ridiculous debate.

        What Microsoft has done with .NET is a FANTASTIC achievement and we should not waste any more time on old technology that is clearly and indisputedly obsolete.

      • mlml commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Vb6, Silverlight, Winform, ASP.NET Winform, WPF, XNA all will die not long ago, and even win32 will die too. Because Microsoft want learn Apple and Google to go to Cloud, and do more control over his users.

        Ten or twenty years later, If Microsoft doesn't Collapse, I think only Asp.net MVC will be alive, because it is opened-source, and can't be killed by microsoft.

        Silverlight is very good, and it can be written use c# and .net and can run on windows and mac ox, but at last, it still killed by microsoft.

        Many years ago, my colleague was very oppose my using Microsoft's language in projects, I think he was too biased against Microsoft, now I think he was not biased against Microsoft, but recognizes the seriousness of the problem earlier.

        So for developers, Whether the language or Technology is good or bad is not so important, Who control the language or Technology is very important. Microsoft is a bad Controller, don't be controlled by Microsoft in his closed-source operating systems via the cloud.

        Don't use the Closed-source language, As much as possible don't develop only for closed-source OS, Is pleased to see that more and more developers and Governments has Recognizing this now.

      • Winston potgieterWinston potgieter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        is the Tiobe Index referring to just vb6 - Who Cares
        Is vb6 a language for only non-professional programmers? Who Cares
        Does it matter that vb6 is not truly OOP as defined by todays academics? NO!
        Does it matter that all you .net / c++ OOP drones think that vb6 is a toy? NOP!

        I don't really give a **** what you think about vb6.

        All I know is my two products, where I make a living, are written in VB6. They work, People love them.

        I will find a way to re-compile them from my current code base. I am not going to waste my time re-writing my software to get to the same functionality, that is just STUPID!

        If all of us who do care and have projects like come together we will find a solution, and it does not have to come from Microsoft!

        Good DAY!

      • mlml commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        @Winston potgieter
        I don't know whether can request the persons who write vb6' compiler in microsoft's vb6 group many years ago and now has left microsoft to write vb6's compiler again, based on llvm or qt or gtk...,

        If these old professional guys (eg: Matthew Curland(who write the book Advanced Visual Basic 6:) can write vb6' compiler again that will be very perfect.

      • martin rizalmartin rizal commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        @Winston can you also crowdfund Visual Basic 6 (VB6) Replacement Compiler and IDE at Indiegogo also? So we can get the best of both worlds in crowdfunding and set it at flexible fund in order to continue the development. Please expose it more in order to get others attention and crowdfund it.

      • Winston potgieterWinston potgieter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        here is a rough draft of the kickstarter project to gather funds for a vb6 imported/replacement. Please comment on how it can be improved.

        ::Visual Basic 6 (VB6) Replacement Compiler and IDE::

        vb6 was one of the most used and popular development

        environments ever created. It is estimated that there were

        over 6 million professional developers using this software. In

        2002 Microsoft decided that vb6 in its current state need to

        be changed, they created vb.net with Major changes to code

        syntax. These changes made converting vb6 programs to

        vb.net almost impossible and the recommendation was to re-

        write your apps. Many of these applications run systems for

        companies and big and small. Converting these

        applications is a huge waste of money and resources.

        Fast forward to 2014, and still today vb6 apps are prevalent

        in many companies to run the core business. In June 2014 a

        petition with over 7400 votes on the Microsoft user voice site

        was denied by the same person who denied a petition in

        2005 of over 15,000 programmers. Clearly the demand is

        there to bring back vb6. Many have tried to re-create this ide

        and compiler but all have failed. The reason is that they were

        not at least 95% compatible. The vb6 replacement MUST be

        at least 95% compatible with the original version to be a

        success. The starting point for the new version must be to

        bring it to exactly where vb6 is today, and then improve it in

        the future.

        That is where this campaign comes into play. Our goal is to

        gather funds to re-create a vb6 IDE and Compiler. It will only

        succeed if at least 95% of the vb6 code is importable and a

        programmer can import his/her vb6 project and re-compile it

        in a few hours. That is the hard part. Although vb6 has been

        deemed the step child in programming language, its simplicity

        is achieved by many very complex workings under the hood.

        I believe there are three primary options to get this new vb6

        ide/complier done, but it takes money and time. There are

        many out there already attempting to complete this task, but

        they all do it in their spare time and therein lies the problem. If

        we could gather funds to make this their full time job this new

        vb6 will become a reality.

        This project will require a HUGE number of people to commit

        a small amount of money.

        What you Get:

        1. You get a way to move your large project into the future with a new way compile your vb6 Project.
        2. All sponsors will be mentioned in the about screen.
        3. The project will when completed be publicly published to preserve it for the future.

        Once funds have been generated I see three options:
        1. Pay Olaf creator of www.vbrichclient.com to complete his project of a full vb6 replacement ide and compiler.

        2. Hire a group of developers to write a binding for vb6 using Lazarus the open source delphi ide/compiler.

        3. offer a company like www.xerocoder.com the cash to generate the vb6 replacement.

      • SuperDreSuperDre commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        @anonymous: Uhm.. **** if iOS and Android are better than Windows.. Windows still is much MUCH better than those **** kindergarten Osses (I have a couple of Android devices and have worked with iOS).. You can say what you want, but desktop windows is still superior to anything I've ever worked with.. (but linux etc are getting much better, but still isn't as userfriendly as Windows has been for years)..

        And @another Anonymous: VBA (or VBScript) isn't VB6, yes they use the same syntax, but are completely different under the hood.. The reason VBA is still in Office is due to all those custom macro's and addons a lot of companies are using internally, there is a .NET version you can use, but just like VB.NET doesn't load VB6 projects, the .net for office doesn't load original macro's..

      • mlml commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Many years ago, Microsoft has two languages, c++ and vb. c++ can develop Windows, vb can do vba for office, Microsoft eat his dog food to develop good OS and office software.

        One day, Microsoft develop two newlanguages c# and vb.net for learn java from sun, bill gates want use c# develop a new os named longhorn and new filesystem winfs, of course bill gates failed (there are OS write by java has failed, bill gates didn't see this), and then microsoft develop a failed vista In a hurry, still didn't use c#. microsoft waste 5 years for his bad OS(longhorn and winfs), in these 5 years, Apple and Goole rising.

        As for the new langugage vb.net, Office didn't use vb.net for vba, i don't know microsoft develop what product use his vb.net?

        Microsoft didn't eat his dog food (.net) for his OS and office, because .net is bad performance.

        Microsoft use .net for his Dynamic CRM and his SharePoint,but these two products are incredible big and slow, they even big and slow than a OS.

        Several years ago, Microsoft want use WinRT to go native,but it is too late, so it is not so success.

        Then Microsoft want to let .net goto native,invent .net nNext, but i don't think it will success,Even if successful it will need many years. and If .net go native success, then .net runtime is very like vb6 runtime, So Microsoft just waste about 20 years to goto back(1998 ~at least 2018) and can't Keep good compatibility.

        If Microsoft just improve vb6 runtime and let c# and vb6 run on vb6 runtime many years will be more easy and quick.

        I hope Microsoft can stop and listen to his customer's voice, don't go it alone.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Microsoft always gives up the customers.

        But now everything is changing.
        We have other choices.

        iOS, Android are better than windows.
        Java...... are better than .Net.
        Google's cloud service are better than One drive.
        Chrome, Firefox are better than IE.

        Office is still the best! But Microsoft is also giving up it.

        Why so many people like VB? Why so many people are using Office?
        But now, again, microsoft is giving up us.....

      • MichaelMichael commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        All my clients are happy with my VB6 apps. I am too! Please give us a 64-bit version. The .Net migration tools cant handle applications this size and complexity. .Net is great but my clients dont want to fund a .Net or Java major rewrite. I dont blame them - no need to fix what aint broke!

        Thanks for doing the right thing and listening to us.

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