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Improve IntelliSense/Refactoring for C++

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Visual Studio is still missing a lot of features for C++. This requires a lot of developers and companies to depend on external tools like ReSharper or Visual Assist.

Things that should be improved include:

1. Refactoring tools: Visual Studio in my opinion does not offer a lot of useful refactoring tools for C++. ReSharper did this right.

2. IntelliSense speed: In large projects, IntelliSense is not a big help at all. Having to wait several seconds till a file gets analysed or IntelliSense suggestions show up, makes IntelliSense nearly unuseable in these scenarios.

3. Code Analysis: It would be nice, if IntelliSense checks the code for improvements. For example: Check if functions could be declared as const, or could be marked with the 'override' keyword, etc.. This helps to improve code quality, even when working at late night or in a hurry.

Clearly, C++ isn't what Microsoft concentrates its development on. However, it somehow feels like C++ developers are left behind by Microsoft. Licensing 3rd party tools to do the job is not cheap, and some of their features really could have been implemented into Visual Studio over the years.

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  • Robert commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with all these points.
    VS 2017 has "extract method" But to use efficiently it needs "extract variable.
    So please triage these improvements carefully!
    Thanks for the great functions already implemented.
    Hope to see more :-)

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