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Please make Visual Studio Augmented Reality (AR/VR)

I'm thinking that the main development screen could be ANY size, unbounded by my traditional monitor.

I could have my unit test lists to my left, TFS work items etc. to the right and the development windows in the middle.

I could have a virtual keyboard (with haptic feedback built into some gloves, or some kind of haptic suggestion built into the headset).

I could arrange various VS shortcuts around the interface - e.g. put my "Clean, Rebuild & Run" buttons somewhere handy.

Highlighting and much of the context-sensitive options such as F12, debugging options (step into/over, etc.) could be essentially done by touch and hand gestures. For example, to F12 an object, I could just pick it up and open it by pulling my fingers apart, spawning the class diagram as a 3D object. Selecting a function or property would show me the code for that section, which I could drag around or edit in situ and I could run the whole thing without closing it all back down again.

I could easily have various "display areas" to configure (e.g. Dev, Testing, Debugging/Sandbox) and wouldn't be restricted by the size or shape of my monitors or my desk.

Ideally this would somehow fit into some kind of virtual Windows environment, so alerts/phonecalls/emails etc. would also be accessible.

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  • Hans Jorgensen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes! Especially for users that already do VR development, being able to see Visual Studio inside your VR environment would be super convenient, and would probably save personal and enterprise users from having to buy multiple monitors for that dev machine.

  • Tristan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Imagine physically walking through the stacktrace and finding your bug!

  • Jake Mathew commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a fantastic idea. I don't care so much for the virtual keyboard idea (I'd rather put the controllers down and just type normally), but the infinite screen and misc VR tools would be fantastic.

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