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report problem website should use markdown

When typing the answer to https://community.visualstudio.com/problems/230/c-intellisense-causes-crash-when-typing-opening-pa.html I felt like I was in a StackOverflow clone so I tried writing a link using markdown, only to find that there was no Preview option and that the Link button in the editor inserts links WYSIWIG style. Instead the Report a Problem site should use markdown since it’s faster to type that than to deal with the WYSIWIG editor and it’s the standard these days.

I couldn’t find the right category to report this under…

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  • Scott Chamberlain commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I strongly feel about this too. The WISIWIG editor and problem reporter is horrible with formatting, these are the main issues I was struggeling on my last bug reported ( https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/147707/xml-documentation-for-refrenced-projects-fails-to.html ).

    1. You can't format code or insert pictures from inside VS error reporting when submitting a issue.
    2. The error reporting tool window is way to narrow to paste detailed information and to be able to read it over and check that it is formatted nicely.
    3. Your code sections in the editor lets code out of the top and bottom unformatted and some times includes code that should not be formatted in it
    4. Hitting enter in a code block adds two lines so I have to delete one of them every time I type a new line.
    5. There is no way to preview a post to see that your formatting is correct, your WYSIWYG editor is not "What you see is what you get" at all. You colorize and add line numbers to code, your code blocks fail to contain the correct info, and many other small differences between edit mode and display mode.

    All major code related websites (Stack Overflow, GitHub, TFS, Most all editable pages on docs.microsoft.com) have their content formatted in markdown. The website should just have a text box for markdown with a section below it for preview (like Stack Overflow) or on a seperate tab (like GitHub).

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