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Improve the screenshot mechanism of Visual Studio's "Help/Send Feedback/Report a Problem" dialogue

I find that the most frequent case of problem to be reported by the dialogue is not sufficiently complicated to require a recording of some sequence of steps, but yet is sufficiently complicated to require the first or both of the following, currently unavailable features:

1) Take a single screenshot on command, so that the user may arrange the screen to provide maximal information on-topic and minimal irrelevant information before shooting.

Currently: The screenshot is taken on click on the "Report a Problem..." menu entry. Issues:
- the mouse cursor cannot be used to display a mouseover tooltip partial to the problem
- the screen has to be arranged before the report is typed; for later changes in the arrangement, the report has to be closed, typed text either cut or retyped and a new one be opened
This means that in the current state (as of VS15P5) it is generally preferrable to not use the builtin screenshot mechanism but instead write the report and produce the screenshot before sending via old fashioned F12+paste-into-Paint+"Attach Additional Files", rendering the current feature irrelevant.

Proposed implementation: Provide a hotkey (e.g. hijack the OS'es F12) to take the screenshot, replacing earlier takes with the most current one, while a report is open.

2) Allow taking of several (most common numbers would probably be in order: two, one and three) screenshots and a mask to preview and select which ones will be sent with the report.

Currently: If any number of screenshots greater one would be beneficial, the only choice is to attach all but the first screenshots via "Attach Additional Files". Then it is a more efficient workflow to take and attach all screenshots period in this manner, again rendering the current feature irrelevant.

Proposed implementation: Everytime the hotkey from 1) is pressed, cache the screenshot. In the report dialogue in screen 2/Screenshot offer a list of cached screenshots with one checkbox on each. When the button "Submit" is pressed, selected screenshots will be attached, de-selected screenshots will be deleted.
Bonus points: Offer two checkboxes and a path variable in Tools/Options/Environment:
- save selected screenshots to disk at path (automatically create subfolder from the report's "Title your problem" line)
- also save de-seleved screenshots (deletes them if not active)

While in theory 1) and 2) might be implemented separately,
- 2) requires 1) or an alternative
- 1) without 2) does not suffice to overcome the existing incentive to not use the built-in screenshot feature,
so I decided to put them into one shared proposal.

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