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Provide a custom offline installer package for vs 2017

I'm loving the flashy new UI for the web-install of VS 2017. As I often do not have access to really fast speed internet access (only ADSL 1 at home!) I would love to be able to choose my custom combination of components and have them all download at once initially and provide me with either a single installation file or (perhaps more practicably) an installer and an accompanying data store (archived or any format as you see fit).

Initially I would imagine the installers flow would be something like:

1. Ask user if they want offline or online installation
If Online continue as currently implemented
2. Present user with component selection, based on workflow and/or individual components (like currently implemented) - include information regarding the individual elements base file size, and size required for installation.
Check for and ensure appropriate dependencies are either selected or going to be available at the users eventual installation site

3. Provide the user with the option to compress the data and/or span the final download file across X filesize - so as to facilitate the distribution of said data over DVD or other removable medium

4. (Optional) Provide the user with a method to validate the final download against the original content via hash comparison or similar.

5. Provide the user with a target file:// URL pointing directly to the download of the selected product/s
OR (Ideally) Provide the user with a framework UI to manage the download of the data, possibly including the ability to pause/resume the download and change components included in the final package on the fly.

- Of course the above is just one basic possible way you could implement this idea... the most basic alternative would be offering a single file download of the entire package/s with no customisation options... whilst I feel my idea will benefit a lot more users this most basic version would solve my problem.

TL/DR: I want to download my chosen components at my workplace and then install the product at home. A customized offline install option would solve this problem.

Please consider it, thank you for reading.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with both OP and Alex Essilfie. Download size is VERY IMPORTANT. This month I downloaded 20+GB and I had to interrupt the download because of Monthly allowed limit for might have reached; and I can't stay the whole month without Internet

  • Gimmy Pignolo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I find REALLY VERY USEFUL any way to simply life for all those who would like to install VS2017 but whith not always have very stable net connections... correct this please.

  • Alex Essilfie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The next logical step from the VS2015 installer would have been this. However, the folks working on VS2017 decided to do something else. It'll be great to:

    1. Choose whether to download the files for offline installation or not (through a command line argument or some other implementation)
    2. Have a visual interface for selecting which components to download and/or install (as was in the VS2013/VS2015 update installers)
    3. Indicate the total size of files to required to be downloaded. **VERY IMPORTANT**
    4. Most importantly, provide verification of the integrity of downloaded installation files.

    Living in an area where internet connection is generally both slow and capped (usually just a couple of gigabytes), implementing these features requested by both @Kagalive (OP) and myself will be greatly beneficial.


  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Additionally user must able to choose which language user needs to download.

    This idea can be implemented for creating offline installation media using layout mode.

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