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Include correct and reliable build steps for "hot" functionality.

I'm just trying to make a simple bot, not any more advanced than the "echo" sample using Azure functions. It seems like it uses every single unstable feature of visual studio. Every step (and there are a lot of steps) fails with undocumented and useless error message.

Like, right now there's a random blog post that hints that I need to install the "Azure Development" workload. Great -- how? The only reference I can find only is a silly cholatetely package.

Other issues:
- the command running **** doesn't work
- the messages.csx file has no intellisense or syntax coloring
- can't attach to 'func.exe'
- the instructions to run npm managed to forget to mention that you have to install node.js
- if you want to use the awesome team services stuff, you are totally stuck, because the bot framework doesn't work with team, only with git
- and if you already have a bunch of projects, you might as well give up on git, because vs has already make a "git repository" for you even and that repository will be confused with the .visualstudio one
- don't forget that if you download a zip file, it will mark everything with the mark of the web, which will either cause massive problems, or not.

In short: I have wasted days just getting this stupid framework to work.

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