I suggest you ...

Throw all this fancy NuGet **** in the dumpster and just give me an .EXE to install EF.

What the **** am I supposed to do with the following drivel? I have no clue what this cryptic ******** means much less how to resolve it. There's only 4 billion ******* ways to tweak a project. How about some ******* guidance for " how to make this rocket science "exist in project"? And what the **** does 'native,Version=v0.0' mean? Are you kidding me?

Attempting to gather dependency information for package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.2.0.0' with respect to project 'rioapi', targeting 'native,Version=v0.0'
Gathering dependency information took 159.65 ms
Attempting to resolve dependencies for package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.2.0.0' with DependencyBehavior 'Lowest'
Resolving dependency information took 0 ms
Resolving actions to install package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.2.0.0'
Resolved actions to install package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.2.0.0'
Retrieving package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer 2.0.0' from 'nuget.org'.
Install failed. Rolling back...
Package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.2.0.0' does not exist in project 'rioapi'
Package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.2.0.0' does not exist in folder 'C:\MSSSmainline\Main\Source\PMM\Dev\VC\packages'
Executing nuget actions took 434.5 ms
Install-Package : Could not install package 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer 2.0.0'. You are trying to install
this package into a project that targets 'native,Version=v0.0', but the package does not contain any assembly references
or content files that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author.
At line:1 char:1
+ Install-Package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer -Version 2.0. ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Install-Package], Exception
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : NuGetCmdletUnhandledException,NuGet.PackageManagement.PowerShellCmdlets.InstallPackageComma

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