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Azure Publish Should Not Automatically Publish When Importing a Publish Profile

When selecting a Publish Profile for the first time in a Web Application project which must be deployed to Azure the publish button serves two purposes:

1) Accept your publish option
2) Automatically publish upon selection

This is problematic because it does not give the user the opportunity to cancel if they selected the wrong profile or modify the profile settings before publishing. This does not seem to happen if one or more profiles are present in the project. It's only the first time.

Concern 1:
My company uses a .tfignore file to prevent profiles from being committed to source control. We have a large team of developers and only a few of them are authorized to publish. We do not want to check the publish profiles into source due to the security concerns.
Concern 2:
One of our applications uses subwebs under a main App Source in Azure. The default settings for publish profiles is to push directly to the root folder of the site which corrupts all subwebs beneath the system until we delete the web.config file at the root level. This creates a system outage for our application and clutters the deployment directory.

Please consider the following:
1. Remove the one-click publish for web application publish profiles
2. Prompt the user to continue publish or cancel and modify their selected profile or profile settings

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  • Jim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The only way around this I've found is to run the app, then go through the publishing process *while the app is running.* The publish will fail, and then you can stop debugging, change the settings, and then publish successfully.

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