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Retain Generate Code For CodedUI Test Tool

Recorded tests are very sustainable when recorded in very short reusable methods.

Recording was never a 'getting started experience.'

Test recording has been around since the 1970's as an efficiency.

Painfully hand-creating tests where you have to map hierarchies of webpages and do intricate object recognition with complex searches writing many lines of code is a tedious and lengthy task that is even less sustainable than recording.

Sure I can write 2,000 lines of code (not an exaggeration) to test one web product, but I'd rather TEST.

Most test teams are 1-3 people at most. If we spend all day coding tests that leaves 0 hours for executing tests. We are not Amazon, Google or Microsoft with giant mega test teams, our leaders want testing from testers.

I've used Selenium for years, it's a supplement.

I challenge you to publicly admit to your testing community customer base that you are abandoning CodedUI, Object Recognition and Test Recording and then gauge the reaction.

Retain CodedUI, retain Test Recording Tools and update your code generator/recorder for Edge or risk losing many customers in the testing field.

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  • BarnDog commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Does anyone understand what this guy is asking for? He can "...write 2000 lines of code to test...", but why would he? MS CodedUI does all that for me on very complicated web pages. He says, "Admit...that you are abandoning CodedUI ... and gauge the reaction," and then he says, "Retain CodedUI ... or risk losing customers". I'm lost. What does he what?

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