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Create UWP app with Small Basic

I am reposting a idea proposed in 2013 which did not get a second vote:

If Bill Gates was watching he would have voted a million times for this idea.
If this was done in 2013 when Original Poster (OP) disclosed, Lumia would not have died and M$ would not have incurred the millions of dollar loss.
OP is a visionary and I am opening it again.

--- original post ----
MS Small Basic is an excellent language
inspired by our old Basic
I trained with him young people from 16/17 years in the secondary
It allows to understand the basics of programming, certanly
In addition with a simple function
is migrated (graduate) to VB.NET ( why not to C# or another?)
It allows the student concentrate on the problem to solve
without complicated with motley syntax
and greatly improves reasoning ability of a young people
which may be, after school, a public accountant or an engineer, who know?
Not necessarily they will be professional programmers
And finally S.B. is being compiled C # and ends as MSIL virtual machine of .NET
I think the basic philosophy of .NET
is that should be indistinct what language you are using
instead, the power of the algorithm thought
Please visit http://smallbasic.com

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