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Add API for invoking VC++ compiler

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It would be great to have an API for the C++ compiler. To create better tools that implement support for the VC++ toolchain, it would grant a great performance benefit for invoking the compiler programatically.

- No seperate process creation.
- Include dependency parsing without /showincludes option.
- Compiling sources dynamically without writing them to the disk.
- Other benefits.

I suppose it would not take too much effort to provide such an API, as the compilation is already separated to different dlls (c1.dll, c1xx.dll, c2.dll).

I hope to see this feature in the future.

(Also if you can add this feature for other languages that would be great)

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  • Andrew Pardoe [MSFT] commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We like this idea too. It is a goal of ours to develop such an API but given the architecture of the compiler toolchain as it is today, this is a long-term goal. Thank you for the votes of support!

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