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Intellisense popup window should have checkbox bar to filter properties & event types

I've always wanted this feature for visuals studio...

When I'm in the editor and I active intellisense by typing, for example:

Button btn = new Button();
btn. <--- add this point the intellisense pop window open with suggestions....

Why can't we have a toolbar on the small popup window with checkboxes to filter the intellisense output....by default they are all unchecked meanign you see every object in intellisense popup... When I want only a property in the list and i don't want to see events, or namespaces, and I don't want to see public variables...

under this case I click the check box "P" for properies.

Example intellisense popup toolbar:

P[x] E[ ] N[ ] V[ ] ...


P = Show Properties
E = Show Events
N = Show Namespaces
V = Show Varies...

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