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SQL Query Editor - Keyboard shortcut to switch between Results and Message tabs

1. In SQL Server Object Explorer, right-click on a server, and select New Query.
2. Write a simple query that returns a resultset.
3. Execute it
4. Notice how by default, the resultset appears in a new pane underneath the T-SQL code. The pane has two tabs names Results and Message.
5. Create a keyboard shortcut that will toggle between the two tabs.
6. There is a "Collapse Pane" button. Click it.

7. Now there is a single pane with three tabs on the bottom: T-SQL, Results, and Message.

8. The same keyboard shortcut should toggle between these.

9. The same keyboard shortcut should apply in a similar manner to SSMS.

SSMS and Visual Studio have always behaved this way, and I have always looked for a keyboard shortcut. If there is one, it's very hard to find.

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