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Stop closing suggestions prematurely in uservoice

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While trying to find an existing suggestion for a suggestion I had in mind, I found at least 3 different instances of it, each with ~10 votes. Each one is closed with the following note from the VS PM: "I want to personally thank you for taking the time to share this suggestion. Since the suggestion you raised has not gathered many votes, the Visual Studio IDE team is prioritizing other suggestions and closing it at this time."

I highly recommend not doing this, as for most suggestions that are not in the top 10-20 it takes time for folks to visit this website and add their votes. The votes should be given time to aggregate, otherwise they get lost.

Consider the alternative that I am forced to do now - create a new suggestion for my piece of feedback, which will only have 1-3 votes and will undoubtedly be closed like the previous attempts. Instead I would have liked to add my votes to the same exact suggestion that someone else had a while ago.


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  • BR commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    MS is closing UserVoice in Oct 2018 as a way to clean out the suggestions and start anew.
    MS is essentially driving 3 areas in development and ignoring other areas:
    - Anything Azure
    - C++
    - R
    - ML

    Essentially, most of the rest is only carried on by a 1 or 2 person team where if the team moves on to another project, the technology rots.

    Consider the heavily promoted via MS blogs, Connect presentations, etc technologies of the last 4 years which are off the radar and appear to not exist, not be suported, not have any meaningful new features added:

    - mobile development around a phone gap like javascript wrapped in a browser control
    - F#
    - VB.NET
    - C#
    - Plain old, not typescript, JavaScript
    - Other languages in VS - ruby, python

    Tools MS pushes follow the worn path of being pushed heavily for 3 years then dropped into non-existence. After 3 years, the 2-4 original developers move to another project and the tool is left to rot zombie with no real meaningful updates

    C#/.net and C++ are the exceptions because MS has to have one unmananged win32 language and one managed win32 language.

    WPF, the core UI technology for Windows desktops for over 10 years since 2008 has had near zero enhancements since 2010 other than 'better tooling' in VS.

    Better tooling means the online help is better written and does not mean that WPF, for example, has had the investment by MS to be carried forward for another 10 years.

    p.s., There's not official MS replacement for WPF for desktop UI and MS retires UI frameworks in shorter than 10 year timespans.

    What's the choice if you need to develop a 100+ UI screen complex desktop application wich cannot run on the web in a browser due to scientific, real-time or financial reasons?

    A desktop application with a browser control wrapping html/JavaScript won't work, too slow, too much memory used, won't work for high throughput real time , ....

    Expect MS to kill off VB.net shortly.

  • J commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's impossible to find anything. That needs addressing as part of this.
    If you put in some text to search you then lose the ability to sort on Top items.

    Either that, or there needs to be another level of tags.

    Low votes should not mean a problem doesn't get solved.
    It may be a valid important issue with 3 votes.

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