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Microsoft VB6 programming is the most perfect

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Joel Spolsky, founder and CEO of Stack Overflow has described the VB6 programming language as "the most perfect programming environment ever created."


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  • Johnny OL - I support VB6 programming commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The biggest problem with Microsoft is its lack of loyalty to its developer community.
    You have to guess which products it will abandon and which it will stick with. Get it wrong and you lose.
    If you were a Windows Mobile developer, all your work was wasted when Microsoft totally changed Windows Mobile - from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Phone 7 to whatever it was called 8 - and then abandoned it completely.
    The same with Silverlight, or LightSwitch, or Expression or Windows RT or UWP.
    Even with products that Microsoft promote (for now anyways) they keep changing and abandoning bits - Winforms, Webforms, WPF - tough if they are what you chose to use.
    At least with VB6 programming the product is stable, continues to run and remains popular.

    Microsoft's lack of loyalty directly affects developers, but ultimately affects Microsoft too. Developers have moved from Microsoft to Java, to Android, to iOS. Microsoft's developer tools lose popularity as a result.
    - Even the scripting language Python is more popular than C# now.

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