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Visual Studio tools for Git should support different line ending defaults

First of all: Thanks for supporting Git, it's not that we don't like TFS. It's more that Git fits our workflow better.

However I must ask the following:

Since version the default in the .gitAttributes is * text = auto. Which means that every CRLF line ending will be converted to LF on commit, and vice versa upon checkout.

However this is not the way it should be in my opinion. It should be to the creator of the project to decide that. If he writes an application he should be given the choice. Some developers are not comfortable with the fact that a SCM system changes my source code when commits are done.

I think it is wrong to do auto, since that will use the core.autocrlf setting in the user's .gitconfig, which potentially causes merging issues.

I think the option should be either: turn it off, don't touch it. Commit as is, or commit as LF.


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Kristof Mattei shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Hi – thanks for your feedback. I checked in with the PM for that feature, and he tells me our default is the same as git.exe, and it’s also what GitHub recommends.

In case it’s helpful, the best place to file feedback for Visual Studio Git support is on this node, which the appropriate team tracks more regularly than here:

Best wishes, Tim Sneath | Visual Studio Team


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