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XAML databinding needs better tools/apis for debugging

Even with the introduction of the "diag:PresentationTraceSources.TraceLevel=High" attached property it's very difficult to debug what is happening to a determined binding, the tracing print info to the output window of VS IDE but in a large application that prints a large amount of tracing its very difficult to isolate the databinding tracing info. Even more if you have multiple databindings with tracing on.
Other problem is the databindings that for some reason are just dropped and are not logged so it's impossible to know the under the hood reason that triggered it.
I'll give some suggestions that where discussed in my team (we develop a lot of custom controls in WPF!)
a) Categorize the Binding Tracing and add the category filter to the output window in the VS IDE.
b) Add error handling events to the BindingExpressions in a way that we can try and restore the binding or in a bug hunt have a way to get to the call stack that originated the binding drop.

c)An ultimate tool would be a debug window only for databindings that provide info on all the application databinding when in debug mode the same way Process Monitor show the current activity and with the possibility to drill-down to the databinding properties.

I hope this is something that ressonates with more developers and it makes sense for you in the VS Team..

Keep up the good work! ;)

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Thank you for your suggestion! While we aim to respond to every suggestion, we are closing older ones that don’t have enough votes so newer ones from you can move to the top. If this suggestion is still important to you, feel free to open it again.

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    Only one person relates to this? Anyone wants to share an article that give more info on the matter of databindings debugging?

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