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Data Compare Tables within the same database.

Please make the Data Comparison UI more flexible. I'd like to compare 2 tables, in the same database, but with different names. eg: dbo.MyTablePreTest vs dbo.MyTablePostTest

Also to compare 2 tables in different databases, with different names .

Use Case 1. Testing.
When tests only impact small tables in a big database. It is more efficient to copy the entire table prior to a test. Call it Table.Original.
Then run the test, Do the data comparison.
Then reset the test with a SQL Merge or Truncate/Insert.

This is especially valuable for SQL Azure as it doesn't support Cross Database joins. So resetting any other way is slow.

Use Case 2. Refactoring.
If you've changed the schema names of your tables/views from DBO, to a variety of different schema names in the new database, the Data compare fails.
If we had the option to map a table to a different named object. It would be a much more powerful too.

Currently the Data Compare UI assumes you want to compare 2 databases & assumes the tables have the same name.

I stress the issue is with the lack of flexibility in the UI. The actual Data comparison code would not need to be changed.

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Thank you for your suggestion! While we aim to respond to every suggestion, we are closing older ones that don’t have enough votes so newer ones from you can move to the top. If this suggestion is still important to you, feel free to open it again.


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