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Allow to Create Folders into the SQL Managament Studio Project to organize the files, not only "Connection"/"Query"/"Miscellaneous"

At the moment, when we create a SQL Project using the SQL Server Management Studio, the project comes along with the standards virtual folders Connection, Queries, Miscellaneous and it doesn't allow us to create any other folder or subfolder.

I did a research on the internet to try to find a solution and I could find lots of people having the same issue, as everyone organize it in different ways, in my situation I organize as Table, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Scripts, ....

As a work around I created one project for each folder, however it is not the appropriate.

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Thiago Bernardes shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Thank you for your suggestion! While we aim to respond to every suggestion, we are closing older ones that don’t have enough votes so newer ones from you can move to the top. If this suggestion is still important to you, feel free to open it again.


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  • SQLRaf commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The post is somewhat confusing. SSMS is mostly used by DBAs, who might not care, or even hate such a feature since their actions are reactive, and finding a sproc would be a nightmare when a system is down.

    But the site says Visual Studio, which is used by developers, possibly exclusively, so I do suggest that there is an ability to add subfolders to an SSDT project.
    Ability to create subfolders is far beyond grouping the code. Any worthy endeavor might have 20 stored procedures and just as many functions, and comparable number of tables. And then up from there. Since any system has distinct component groups - I am assuming the days of 50 page sprocs are gone :O) - it would have been very convenient to shuffle the code objects into separate folders, then collapse them while working on a specific functionality.

    Unless the suggested, or implied path is to use multiple projects in a solution.

    Thank you.

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