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Allow DLL debugging for Unity projects without any source code

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We work with many separate, related Unity projects. One project contains all the C# source code, and we build a DLL that we then distribute to the other Unity projects. Some of these "downstream" projects lack any actual scripts of their own, so the UnityVS solution that's created by the plugin doesn't contain any projects by default. I can still add the external "upstream" C# projects to the solution, as outlined in the documentation for external DLL debugging, however the debugger cannot connect! If the project I want to debug doesn't contain any raw source code (or a project of its own), the debugger does not detect the Unity instance containing the DLL. Currently I have to add a placeholder monobehavior to the project to generate a UnityVS project just so I can debug the DLL.

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Thanks for this suggestion!

That’s an interesting scenario that we will consider. We’re also considering providing specialized class library project with support for deploying the compiled .dll into the Unity project and convert the .pdb into the Unity supported debug symbol file format.

Jb Evain, Senior SDE Lead, Tools for Unity

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  • Nikos P. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'd love that as well. Our solution has multiple projects that I would like to include in the ProjectFileGenerator and also be able to deploy them easily using configurations into the Unity project. So what you're saying is very appealing. At the moment the whole thing is custom, even custom MSBuild stuff into the csproj files.

    Any status updates on this?

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