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Coding by voice

Full support for coding by voice using either window speech recognition or Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

For example you should be able to say a customisable command, consisting of language and category like :

Visual Basic Statements

and a list of statements will appear on the screen where you can choose an item by saying a number or the name of the item (For Next Loop for example). The code snippet would then be inserted into the current location in the IDE. And the most appropriate item that needs changing will be selected in the IDE.

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  • Jole Cameron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Visual Studio could start with enabling select-and-say compatibility with Dragon. In version 15, I can't even dictate into Visual Studio windows. Because of this, text can only be sent to Visual Studio through user-defined commands that send keystrokes. However, doing this is often an awkward work-around that cuts out certain features within Dragon.

  • Mark Phillipson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I currently use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to code by voice in Visual Studio 2015. The biggest hurdle I have presently is in debug mode because of performance issues the dictation no longer works without a delay which makes it no longer viable until debugging is turned off again.

  • Paul Robert Cotter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I wanted it mainly for comments / documentation. But I quite like the idea of "Ok Snippet". But thinking about it code would be possible by a voice-parser learning that when I say 'left bracket' I mean '(' . When I say "signalController" I mean "signalController" and not "signal controller". So that would need two Dictionary<sound,string>. There would be one for C or VB, and one per project/solution to memorise properties and methods etc The 'normal' speech recognition could be used for comments.

  • Daver commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Due tendonitis I'm not able to type like I used to. Yes, it would be really nice to be able to program using my voice. This might help people program when they are on a bumpy train or car ride. Trying to type on a bumpy road is prone to typos. It might help some people jump off the fence to getting a Surface Pro because a lot of developers depend on the keyboard.

    Perhaps you have to create a new tool to works aside with Visual Studio that understand..."Give me a solution with 2 projects. One will be MVC the other a Service. Create the following classes, People, Places and Things. For the People Class, create the following properties.... create the following methods, DoSomething and DoSomethingElse. The DoSomething method has the following parameters.... "

    Once people get to their office place, they can then open the solution within Visual Studio and just continue working with the keyboard as we currently do.

    For baby steps, maybe just string replace whatever the the current context is... rather than full speech recognition which maybe very awkward/difficult.

  • steve commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Speech/Voice Recognition -- Please enable Visual Studio to work well with speech recognition programs. I was astounded to learn that Windows Speech Recognition explicitly disables itself when the current application is Visual Studio. You could at least enable command and control features within visual studio. I relalize that dictating code is a complex problem because it is so different from natural language text. But command and control of the IDE would be a minimal step forward. Work with the WSR team and get a solution done! (Working with Dragon would be nice to but working with something is more important).

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