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Re-open the "Bring back Classic Visual Basic" suggestion for VB6 Programming

The "Bring back Classic Visual Basic" suggestion
should be re-opened to allow voting.

It has twice been closed, but it was closed without going to review, which is against Microsoft UserVoice policy.

And this suggestion is by far the most popular on UserVoice judging by the number of comments (over 4300).

Clearly this issue won't go away, closing this suggestion doesn't close down the demand for VB6 Programming.

Remember, you claim this site is for "This site is for suggestions and ideas" - yet you close down suggestions you don't like.

Open the suggestion, and allow voting .

249 votes
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Zagor Tenay shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


As you mentioned, the suggestion in question was closed. Before it was closed it was reviewed and given due consideration. The result of that consideration, including the final decision is detailed in the response to the linked bug. The duplicate issue you mention was precisely that, a duplicate. It is our policy to merge/close duplicates. This is usually done to merge open ideas and combine their votes and comments but is done for duplicates of closed suggestions as well. Merging is often done promptly and silently though that is not always the case. While we understand that all participants may not be satisfied with our decisions on UserVoice suggestions or the reasons we give for them, creating duplicates or posts suggesting re-opening those suggestions are not an appropriate (or viable) means to re-open consideration.


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