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SQL80001 and SQL46010

Copy and paste this into VS 2015 RC. I keep getting an error that is quite annoy and is a problem at "From" for some old reason. You might want to fix it since this is an error going on since VS 2010 from what I have read. I am trying to create it on 2014 SQL Server from VS

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[ContactBulkUpdate]
@XMLData xml

Create table #tempContact(
ID int not null,
FirstName varchar(50) not null,
LastName varchar(50) not null,
ContactNo varchar(50) not null

Insert into #tempContact (ID, FirstName, LastName, ContactNo)

contact.query('ID').value('.','int') as ID,
contact.query('FirstName').value('.','varchar(50)') as FirstName,
contact.query('LastName').value('.','varchar(50)') as LastName,
contact.query('ContactNo').value('.','varchar(50)') as ContactNo,

xmlData.nodes.nodes('/contacts/contact') as xmlData(contact)

Update Contacts
FirstName = b.FirstName,
LastName = b.LastName,
ContactNo = b.ContactNo
#tempContact as b
Contacts.Id = b.ID

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