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Stop installing a bunch of SQL server stuff

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I don't do any SQL development. I didn't even check anything web development related, so we can't blame this on ASP.NET --- I did C++ and Windows 10 SDK only. And yet I get this?

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  • Mirabeau commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft does not like us, do I have to like it?

    SQL is always and again (and always will be visibly) installed
    it is not a problem to be able to add an option to not install it (he knows a minimum develop at Microsoft no?), no it's just a commercial question, marketing ... "once on the machine they will use it "
    Microsoft does not like us, do I have to like it?

    There are now "community" versions, free! super, gnetiel microsft ... are you on ?!
    Express vs Community = have all the tools that the OpenSource developer does not need ... always the same approach "" once on the machine they will use it "
    Ask yourself where are the express versions (the only real versions that are not gas plants), it is the way of the cross to find them .. they hide or download links are no longer active (see https: //my.visualstudio.com/Downloads/Results)

    Microsoft does not like us, do I have to like it?

    No, Microsoft does not like us, he likes to impose things we do not need at the expense of the confidence that may have come to him.

    Things started with Windows 7 (very good OS) when they started to impose on us (not very frank and more) updates to "test" if we could install a windows 10 ...
    Ask me before if I have planned, do not impose things!

    Microsoft does not like us, do I have to like it?

    I started the adventure with Windows 3.1 and windons for workgroup (3.11)
    I think this adventure will end simply after spending more than 4 days trying to "find" an updated version of visual studio EXPRESS 2015.

    I throw in the towel, and I will turn to Qt5 + MinGW, and if one day it becomes the same for the OS, well I will return to the side of Debian or Ubuntu.

    Microsoft, do not you like me? I really start to feel it .. you decide too much what would be "good for me", I break my chains!

  • Sergey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeap, I've started my own suggestion because I didn't see this one. I need only native C++, .Net Console and .Net Core Console, but for now I need to live with a bunch of web and SQL related stuff I don't need.

  • Anonymous Coward commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    VS2017 is improved, but still not fixed. It forces less SQL on you, but not zero, and zero is the only correct answer.

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