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Silverlight 6

Please do work on Silverlight next version. I feel Silverlight is great tool which has best in cross development web experience. Although you guys are spending time on HTML5 and other stuffs, but I feel it takes years to bring HTML 5 is not flexible enough like Silverlight.

One more thing, as a Silverlight developer it was only my chance to replace flash from my projects, but as you guys stopped working on it; I feel that I wasted my time in learning Silverlight.

Do start working on Silverlight, Only this will get you back in increasing footprints in website business

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Silverlight support and future development work

While Microsoft continues to support Silverlight, and remains committed to doing so into 2021, there will be no new development work except security fixes and high-priority reliability fixes.

Silverlight out-of-browser apps will work in Windows 10. Silverlight controls and apps will continue to work in Internet Explorer until October 12, 2021, on down-level browsers and on the desktop.

Our support lifecycle policy for Silverlight remains unchanged:

As was stated in this blog post, the need for browser extensions including ActiveX controls and Browser Hosted Objects has been significantly reduced by the advances of HTML5-era capabilities which also produce interoperable code across browsers. On the web, plugin-based architectures, such as Silverlight, are moving towards modern open standards, such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which are supported on a wide variety of browsers and platforms.

For future development, we recommend modernizing Silverlight applications to HTML5 solutions which provide broader reach across platforms and browsers. In addition to the solutions listed in the blog post above, there is a free .NET Technology Guide eBook to help with migration planning located at: http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/E/16E9FC39-0D61-4DB8-AADE-9F6950B8BF49/Microsoft_Press_eBook_NET_Technology_Guide_for_Business_Applications.pdf

The Microsoft Team


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