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Enable Remote Debugging to immediately attach to a starting process

The Global Flags Editor (gflags.exe) allows a debugger to be configured so that when a process is started, the debugger can attach immediately and break before the process' entry point. This already works with Visual Studio (devenv) and WinDbg.

It would be great if the Remote Debugger (msvsmon.exe) could be configured as the debugger for a process in the same way as VS and WinDbg.

I would expect the workflow to be something like:
1. configure msvsmon as the debugger for a process (eg notepad) on a remote machine
2. Attempt to start notepad.exe on the remote machine and find that the Remote Debugger starts first, begins listening on the configured port, and starts notepad.exe paused before its entry point
3. Open Visual Studio on my local machine and choose Attach to Process.
4. Specify the remote machine name and then choose the paused notepad.exe process from the list (perhaps highlighted differently from running processes).
5. Find myself attached to the process but waiting for me to configure breakpoints, step into, or just continue the process from before the entry point.

This would enable a better remote debugging experience for interactive applications, windows services, and web applications that are misbehaving during their early startup before a user can reasonably attach the debugger manually.

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    Jason StangroomeJason Stangroome shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Thanks for taking the time to share this suggestion. Looking at the VS “15” plans, we’re not going to take action on this item, so we’re going to archive it. We think this is a great idea and have longer term plans on our backlog to improve the Attach to Process experience all up, including incorporating this suggestion.
    Kaycee Anderson
    Visual Studio Team


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