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    I almost hear 3 feedback items here:
    1) Service hooks to integrate with other tools such as Slack, MSTeams etc.
    - This makes sense.

    2) Simple notifications on page updates
    2.1) Ability to follow a page to accomplish (2) i.e get notifications on page updates
    - This resonates with me a lot. I think we need to introduce Follow for a wiki page.

    3) Notifications when anything in the whole Wiki repo is updated. I feel this is a more admin rather than a user level feature .. am I thinking right?

    Anonymous commented  · 

    It appears that I'm able to get a wiki update notification digest in slack if I subscribe to a service hook that gets updates from [Any] repository, but I'm not able to separate it out, or subscribe to just the wiki repository on it's own. :(

    So it seems like it would be a simple thing to add the wiki repository to the list of other repositories, and use the "Code Pushed" event as your service hook. Since it already works for the wiki, when you select [Any] repository.

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