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    This is a great idea! We completely understand how auto-switching SCC providers would help increase your productivity. Although we plan to make this available to you in the near future, we are still in the planning process and may reach out for your feedback as we start to define how tackle this problem. We will check back as soon as possible with any updates to this request. Allison Buchholtz-Au: VS Program Manager ​​

    Roger Hendriks commented  · 

    Still no info of this in Visual Studio "15" preview 4. Such an easy feature to implement and please a lot of devs, especially now we need to work with TFS, GitHub, SVN etcetera per solution/project. Is anybody @MS reading this?

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    Roger Hendriks commented  · 

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    Roger Hendriks commented  · 

    I use 3 different systems so this is quite a pita. And as we are all techs we know that is is VERY VERY EASY to develop. I guess 4 hours if you are a very slom developer? 1 extra XML tag in the sln file and voila.

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