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    We’ve begun work on this and are considering changing the default location for new projects to C:\\USERPROFILE\Source\repos. Would this be a reasonable change to address the problem of “clutter” in the Documents folder? This is currently the default for cloned repositories, so all projects would be in a singular default location.

    As well, you still retain the option to change the default if you’d like.

    Allison Buchholtz-Au
    Program Manager – VS IDE

    Mike commented  · 

    Changing the default location for new projects is COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT. The issue isn't with project folders because that's already user-configurable. The issue is with the stuff VS WON'T .allow you to change. I use OneDrive for all my personal files because I can access them from anywhere (and more to the point, so can my NAS drive which runs daily backups). I don't want this stuff polluted with stuff that belongs in application data, not user data and certainly doesn't belong in my backups.

    It's grotesque that the VS team don't seem to live in the 21st century and are so far behind the curve on what the problem even is. How on earth do MS organise their code projects that this stuff is still hard coded into VS?

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