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    We’ve begun work on this and are considering changing the default location for new projects to C:\\USERPROFILE\Source\repos. Would this be a reasonable change to address the problem of “clutter” in the Documents folder? This is currently the default for cloned repositories, so all projects would be in a singular default location.

    As well, you still retain the option to change the default if you’d like.

    Allison Buchholtz-Au
    Program Manager – VS IDE

    Jason commented  · 

    I totally agree, please get these out of the My Documents folder! I have installed 5 or 6 different versions and since those build everything into the My Documents I keep pulling forward old folders/files and seemingly everytime I delete them and try to reset all of the folders to a new location, something will go back and recreate those folders and start throwing files back out there.

    I suggest creating a setup tool that allows setting the locations of all of those folders and run as part of install or any time after install to reconfigure. My problem is that my employer has chosen to setup folder redirection on my entire user folder, so when I have connectivity issues with the network, login from home before connecting to VPN, or WiFi in the building drops out Visual Studio and SQL studio become useless, and even when connected it takes forever on startup. I want to be able to easily change everything to a local drive without having to dig through multiple options menus and registry editor.

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