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    under review  ·  512 comments  ·  Visual Studio IDE » .NET  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    disillusioned developer commented  · 

    'Under review since February 23, 2016' ... *sigh*

    Sadly symptomatic for the new Microsoft that seems determined to abandon all of its 'legacy developers' for some new cool. It's very revealing to regularly visit Microsoft's own .NET Blog. Based on the number of comments there's low to zero excitement about their .NET Core initiative which seems to get 99.9% of all internal development ressources, while everything remotely WPF-related easily draws 100+ comments. Don't get me wrong, I like .NET Core, although I doubt it will have an impact on the thriving node.js-stack, since MS is - as always - late to the game and fails to offer the 'one language on client and server'-approach. But throwing the whole 'classic' developer base under the bus by leaving them with a 12 year old windows-only UI-Framework WPF that never got any substantial updates for years and by ignoring the plea for a cross platform client application framework is massively frustrating (Yes, I'm ignoring UWP, just like everybody else). Are we really supposed to turn to abominations like electron because Microsoft stopped caring? Where are the alternatives? The 'It's purely experimental and will probably get dumped anyway so don't use it'-Blazor project?

    Thanks a bunch for all your efforts, Mike-EEE. But I doubt there will be any positive reaction from Microsoft. Time to move on.

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