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    We’ve begun work on this and are considering changing the default location for new projects to C:\\USERPROFILE\Source\repos. Would this be a reasonable change to address the problem of “clutter” in the Documents folder? This is currently the default for cloned repositories, so all projects would be in a singular default location.

    As well, you still retain the option to change the default if you’d like.

    Allison Buchholtz-Au
    Program Manager – VS IDE

    LeeC22 commented  · 

    No! A project isn't just "Source", it's a "Project"! That's whay it's called a "Development PROJECT".

    Source is a specific collection of project files and should not in any way be a base folder name for "Projects". Neither is it a "Repo", "Repository" or anything else directly related to code-only content.

    You do know that software development contains more categories than "I only write code" don't you? Stop pandering to a narrow sub-section of the amateur development community and start considering the bigger picture.

    The graphics I create are not "Source" files and they do not belong inside a "Source" folder. The audio files I create are also not "Source" files and do not belong inside a "Source" folder. They are PROJECT RESOURCES and they belong inside a PROJECT folder... not Source. The code I write belongs in a Source folder and hey... that's where I put it... INSIDE THE PROJECT'S FOLDER!

    Project -> Source,
    Project -> Resources

    See how that works in a real project?

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